To any copyright infringement claims: The Copyright Act provides for the exception of fair dealing for research, private use (non-commercial), criticism, review, reporting of current events, parody, pastiche or caricature.

Before I begin, I would love to clearly point out the roles of a creative director and a stylist.

Creative Director

  • Develops a concept
  • Puts together a moodboard
  • Leads multiple projects from conception to completion in accordance with deadlines
  • Evaluates and, if necessary alters, the content of projects before completion
  • Hires, develops and manages the creative team
  • Oversees photo or TV shoots
  • Sign off projects before publication


  • concepting
  • organizing shoots
  • pulling pieces from designers
  • advises and directs photography
  • Provides makeup and hair styling services to clients or complete makeup and hair styling on location for photoshoots
  • Provide fashion direction to buyers, merchandisers and/or product developers/designers.

Now that you’ve refreshed your minds on the job specifications or even if you’ve just learnt it, you will see reason why credits should be given when due.

The world of fashion and commercial photography is collaborative. No image is produced by just one person. From styling, to models, to creative and artistic directors, to brands whose pieces are worn, to makeup artists, to even photography assistants; one person should not solely take credit for images that were worked on by a team.

That being said, we live in a world- Instagram, in which photographers are seen as gods and often want to live up to their followers’ hype. This makes this bunch of creatives act selfish and cruel as they often neglect crediting the rest of their production teams. Very often, photographers as the rightful owners of images, use copyright as a weapon not to attribute the other creatives involved in the production of the image. By doing so, they take sole credit for the work done by a team of creatives; This is Plagiarism. Coming from the point of view of a stylist and a creative director whose ideas have been plagiarized by photographers, I urge creatives to learn to speak up, let not your creativity be stifled.

Yes, some photographers conceptualize their own shoots, other times, it’s the creative directors or the stylists (you’ll notice that styling and creative direction share more than a few things in common). Long hours and a lot of effort are spent on conceptualization, pulling pieces, being on location and ensuring that good results are produced. When one person on the team fails to credit the other members of the team in the success of the photoshoot, it potentially limits exposure and the job opportunities  that may follow.

Dear creatives, before you perpetuate the selfish act of not crediting the whole team, kindly re-read this and think again.

Disclaimer : This two-part editorial was conceptualized, styled and creatively directed  by Vane Karolle

                                                               Photographed by Lubebatu Abubakar

                                                                Beauty direction by Zubeida Abubakar

                                                                      Models: Adun Osilowo and Ifeoma Nwobu

                                                                    Location; Private Residence, Montgomery road, yaba.

*Please note : This shoot was done for the purposes of updating each person’s portfolio and for possible content submission.*



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