Maki OH SS17 | The New Face Of Aso Ebi

Welcome to Nigeria.

If you thought you had gotten a hang of Amaka Osakwe’s roots, you’ve barely scratched surface. Yes, for real. The Nigerian designer has played  subtly with her use of the Yoruba adire prints and earthy tones of Nok terracotta in its recently showcased fall collection. However, the Maki OH SS17 assemblage caters to the high-rollers. For a fact, Nigerians are famed for their lavish lifestyle, this being a constant peculiarity to the Westerners – The Yorubas – known for their love for soirées locally dubbed ‘owambe’ . Take the first hint from the party rentals stacked behind the models – Party, extravagant living, the whole enchilada.

Fluid yet accentuating; Have you caught on with Amaka’s play on silk, linen, fringe tinsel appliqués yet? Adire was not cornered.  Large zippers- sheer brilliance! Sayonara dreaded Asó EbÍ wrappings, aloha Asó EbÍ sensuality à grâce de bold fasteners. Osakwe projects elegance with the use of Lace also emphasized by pairing each piece with low –inch mules. Somehow, Maki maintains her easy ‘boujee’ esthetics as seen her her past collections looks 13, 22 & 23 dittoed ; slips and stirrup pants,the pieces stamped with Asó EbÍ all over them, touché .

Amaka’s two-tone joue embodies a certain purport; “There are many Aso Ebi color combinations ranging in importance. Guests wearing certain colors are offered special keepsakes and served finer food. Politics comes into play with invited guests vying to be offered the Aso Ebi color combination signifying that they are the closest to the family.’’ Summarily, vogue meets hierarchy.

Tangerine, lavender, white, rose, burgundy; hues synonymous with frugality. If you didn’t already realise, Osakwe has substituted the signatory Gélé with braided crowns and netted hair accessories – just what we’ve been angling for; no more odd feelings without the headwrap at these noteworthy soirées.

Sans doute, Aso Ebi is wearing a new face.

This article was originally featured on Blanck Digital.


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