LFDW 2016 | Maxivive

MaxiviveMaxiviveFirst came otherworldly menswear couture with robe like jackets, pajamas inspired looks, netty shorts, slightly skirted pants , I knew this was just a teaser before the main show as I had been backstage and had gathered a preview of what was to come . In this first presentation, displaying both non conformity and relatability, a very obvious maxivive-sque  way that has been witnessed before, nonetheless, well-favored.

To the main part of the show, drawing from a cosmic well of inspiration, we saw Maxivive’s evolution of iconoclasm, an intentional drift from the African Vogue’s familiar tune, the manner in which it is perceived, offering a futuristic presence in Fashion represented by ‘Zoned Out Ragamuffins’  in metallic silver wears , oversized bomber jackets, netty shirts that read “Cakes For Breakfast” some others read “More Coke Please” , splashing colours in our faces with knot up pants, models marching in frilly socks avec rich jelly crocs , hair sprayed silver, silver and blue winged maquillage all liaising with the key catalysts : defiance & idiosyncrasies . Well executed, a much needed break from the catwalk norm .


Images: SDR Photos

This post was originally published on Blanck Digital.


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