Honey : The Soak

HTS 17

Note to Creatives : Taking a little hiatus off social media and all the hype doesn’t make you any less creative than you already are . In the words of CEO of Glam Networks and Glam Brand Agency, Mrs Bola Balogun  :

Using social media to promote your brand / works is all fine and good. Nonetheless, do not neglect what makes your brand what it is -You. Take time out to work on your skills, train yourself to be better at what it is that you do, then you’ll have even better things to offer the public .

A principle I swear by these days, turns out to be working pretty well for me. So, here I am , actually presenting you with something nonidentical to what you’ve ever seen here .

Unto the crux of the matter. I love a good challenge. We all get inspired what from seeing remarkable photographs / works and when someone says to me “I need you to recreate this look”, instantly I am revved up and I take it head on . In this editorial, My take on less is more is quite something. Indeed, it is . Less make up, less clothing, I really wanted to see the muse, not just the clothes.

Here, You see Ifeoma in a self colored bikini top which is actually worn upside down (Pardon me if my styling is a little mind-boggling) paired with high waist pants in blush red , hoops and a polygonic bangle .

Read The Canto Below :

“She has only but journeyed to this townlet, she encounters a skirmish; and that doesn’t make things any easier for her as all she needs is a mere Kayak. « On va à la pirogue maintenant » the guide says. “Let’s float”. Placid, better yet hushed with gazes, unrelenting stares from mothers, men, children alike. Her mood is obtuse, a little out of sorts, almost hopeless. The weather is lousy and the sun, seemingly set.
           Forging ahead, that is withal rather suitable at this stage, she is dressed in a strapless self-colored upper piece and a blush red high-waisted pantalon, a black polygonic bangle on her right wrist with a pair of hoop boucles d’oreilles . Atop a rather small wooden pirogue accompanied by a canoeist, she leans into different stances; “move here, move there” is all that is heard in reference to both the muse and the canoeist.
           Her oiled core glistens underneath what’s left of the rays but the upshot being scoured for is yet to be discovered. Hold that thought, something is happening ! She begins to look even more lustrous ! It has to be ! Wait… it’s the soleil! The sun! Yes, finally! Sunlight! Alas her body gives off a full glimmering effect, she coruscates in all spheres, even the waters agree with her, she appears as though she’s been dipped in honey dew as the sun encompasses her. “Now we’ve found honey; let the sun and waters soak in her beauty”.










HTS 10

HTS 12

HTS 11

HTS 15

HTS 16

HTS 13

HTS 14













Credits  :

Photography & Creative Direction : Manny Jefferson (@mannyjefferson)

Styling & Words By : Vane Karolle

Muse : Ifeoma Nwobu (@ifeoma_nwobu)

Outfit : The Vane Closet


Be sure to Stay Vane,

VK .



6 thoughts on “Honey : The Soak

  1. Thank you Karina . Can’t stop scrolling through tumble feed as well as your portfolio . Love your work .
    Noticed the ‘essential’ what meaning did you place on the word ? Would love to know.


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