Vane Karolle-12

Vane Karolle-9

We don’t get YOU .

That’s what your tend to hear when your style is a bit too avant-garde for your contemporaries. I’ve been a tad bit too busy working on projects lately and every time I’m about to execute a styling project, I probe myself to make sure that people who view these assignments understand them . But let’s be real, people appreciate those things they don’t understand, we all thrive on the unknown ( Feel free to leave a comment if you disagree) , so there’ll always be things you won’t be able to identify with as regards my style. I worked with a fresh face on this particular one. I always say, I like for people to have a feel of Vane Karolle (Those who I style and viewers as well ), but I also want you to identify with my muse’s personality.

Vane Karolle-8

Vane Karolle-31

Vane Karolle-10

Vane Karolle-30


It’s all a process – I had to deduce her persona to know what she’d be able to pull off. She is a bit of a meg, a tomboy if you wish (what with her love for boots), nonetheless, there is a bit of a sensual appeal to her. So, in styling her, you’ll see places where I infused her personality as well as mine . Let’s take it from top to bottom, shall we ? – She sports an orange bandeau (well, its a scarf cum bandeau) with a black leather jacket, revealing a lot of her midriff skin, paired with a fave of mine- a geometric color block skirt and black gladiator-inspired wedges . You’ll find that the little details that I called to your attention come to play in the styling. You see major skin ( Her midriff and endless limbs)  revealing her sultry side, whilst the blazers and gladiator-inspired wedges show her edgy appeal .

Vane Karolle-5

Vane Karolle-4

Vane Karolle-3


To compliment the styling, you’ll find that I request for minimal makeup . All that is done are highlights her already structured features .

Photo Credits :

Photography : Vane Karolle

Photography Assist : Peace Polycarp

Styling : Vane Karolle

Makeup : Peace Polycarp

Model : Modupe Adeniya (Few Model Management)

Outfit : The Vane Closet

Jewelry : The Vane Closet


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