The OutLanders


IMG_20160424_171310Disclaimer :   The Styling of this project was not done by VANE KAROLLE .


Not too long ago, I was approached and a request was made. It’s not strange that in my line, one is asked to do all sorts as long as one is seen as capable or in this case, dubbed and endorsed : “CREATIVE “.

The request made was that I come up with a Title for a new project.  Although I was a little taken aback, I was pleased because that meant that not only had my vision better yet individuality as regards fashion been noticed, but my blog had become a hotbed of fashion literature .

All that I really needed was a good look at the images and to figure out what was being illustrated . After much ado, I came up with  THE OUTLANDERS, a title well received .

Why outlanders  ? What inspired this concept ?   Taking a good look at the photographs taken, all I could see was a depiction of Alienism. I saw the ‘strangeness‘ of foreigners , what with the kilts , shaved heads, the blank stares into blank spaces , the abstract forms and shapes taken by these “Foreigners“, the lost in thought moments .

Two beings suddenly find themselves in a world unknown to them. There are so many things being expressed :  shock, fear, anxiety,  inseparableness, uniformity, commix of nature, so many expressions !





There’s disconcertment .Confusion sets in as they find themselves on unfamiliar grounds. Then Anxiety rears its head, but these outré beings show that in order to survive in a world they aren’t used to, there’ll have to be Oneness. As seen, they take flight as one, they   charge towards  whatever will threaten their existence as one, they mingle with nature . Overall, the simultaneity between the two Outlanders is outstanding .


IMG_1032 (1)


Hope you enjoy this one !

Stay Vane, VK .

Credits :

Titled By : Onyeka Nwobu  (Vane Karolle)

Photography :  Visuals By Freeze

Styling : Wilson Onwuka

Models : Wilson Onwuka and Emmanuel Taymesan  (Few Model Management)


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