XLT_1764 copy

The Boho Being is Carefree!

The Boho Being is Blithe!

The Boho Being is Insouciant !

The Boho Being Unbothered !

The Boho Being is Classy!

The Boho Being is Edgy !

The Boho Being is Simply Chic !

To most, at first glance, the Boho-Chic look may come across as a cluttered look put together at the last minute. It is NOT. The Boho-Chic look is Classy and Comfy . “It is well executed, thoughtfully constructed and not in the least overdone” !

My interpretation of Boho-Chic as you see is a Shredded Checkered pattern blouse paired with White Palazzo pants and Black Mules.




Photography : The Fifographer For XLT Photography

Model : Ifeoma Nwobu For Few Model Management

Styling / Creative Direction: Vane Karolle

Makeup : Lauretta Orji

Outfit : The Vane Closet







Stay Vane, VK .


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