Many a time, people ask who or what inspire my looks, my fashion influences , etc .  So, I’ve decided to do a little write up on those who have influenced my Style . I’m not writing just to sing praises about these people, the truth is that to me, they are THE ORIGINALS.

By THE ORIGINALS, I simply mean, they do NOT follow Vogue trends, they stay true to their various styles, which really is what makes them outstanding to me.

Get acquainted with them, know what they do and my opinion of them in very few words, all so that you can critique My Style with a little more understanding .

In no Particular order, Here goes :


Ezinne Chinkata 

The Style Professorchinkata

Fashion Consultant & Retailer, Zinkata Stores



Yoanna Pepper Chikezie

The Retrospective OnePepper1


Channel Manager, SPICE TV Africa



Mobolaji Dawodu

Prince ElanIMG_6873


Style Editor, FADER Magazine  (



Yagazie Emezi

The Diaphanous StunnerIMG_6896


Photographer, Cartoonist , Vlogger  (



Chioma Nnadi 

Lady LabyrinthIMG_6840




Fashion News Director,

Lisa Folawiyo

The Style Jewel@lisafolawiyo


Founder & Creative Director,  Jewel By Lisa

Nneka Egbuna

The Odd Enchantresstumblr_nmf0ieJeU81ryq2zfo1_500

Soul Singer,  Actress




Now you have an idea from whom or where I get my somewhat odd yet striking Style inspirations !  Feel free to Vibe of their creativity , X.

Stay Vane,

VK .


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